Nutrition, Chiropractic Care and Supplements

Without interference, the human body can remain healthy without the need for dangerous drugs and surgery.  Some things that interfere with optimum health are structural/functional abnormalities of the human frame, inactivity, toxicity and nutritional deficiencies.

Many disease processes are the result of nutritional deficiencies and, unless they eat a strict diet of organic fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, and whole grans, Dr. Klyczek highly recommends that all of his patients take high quality nutritional supplements. The nutrition industry is not regulated very well and there  is a great deal of variation in the purity and potency of supplements produced by different companies.

Supplements We Recommend

We sell some nutritional supplements in our office and the following are links to companies that Dr. Klyczek recommends: – Whole Food and Glandular Supplements, Only Sold By Doctors. – Excellent Multi-Nutrient Supplement – Great Organic Personal Care Product – A Website that Rates Products from Different Companies – High Quality Supplements, Only Sold By Doctors


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